All the Universities in Australia and the colleges in Australia have understood the Indian curriculum and our pattern of education, from the school levels up to the best University levels. They acknowledge that our foundation at the school level and at the high school levels is very good and strong. Indian students and their English are rated as above average in most Universities.

Many Australian educational institutions have opened up their own offices with Indian staff to provide support for students and for Educational consultants like ourselves. This initiative is to increase the number of admissions into their institutions. Many professors from Australia constantly visit India to participate in Educational fairs and expo’s, so that they are able to recruit many Indian students into their Universities or Colleges

Australian Universities, Australian colleges offer English communication classes for students who find it difficult to communicate in English fluently.

Some features of studying in Australia:

  1. Students who undertake full time study in Australia for two full years are eligible to apply for 2 year post study work visa in Australia. This Visa permits them to work in Australia full time for 2 years.
  2. This definitely is a welcome pathway by the Australian Immigration department and Australian home office to bring new Immigrants into Australia.

The Australian Universities and the Australian Student Visa department want to ensure, that there is a genuine interest from the student to genuinely study in Australia.

It is not easy for married couples to use the Australian education, as a pathway to Immigrate to Australia.